Anna Montanari
via G.B Vico, 12 | 20123 - Milano
P.I. 02256810397

T. +39.02.3653.3526
M. +39.339.21.71.377

Art curator
Alessandra Papazzo

Created in 2007, The Green is inspired by real and soul landscapes to translate personal visions in Green Design.
A room, a piazza, a cement wall, a floor get canvas, nature is raw material and color to paint.


“I follow my instinct, rouse it, listen to it….it’s benumbed by people, words, noise...
yet when I see green, it speaks to me and is never wrong.
I am a fortunate animal, able to think, understand, love...
at times I wax nostalgic…
I howl and head for the forest.
Have's only magic.”